What is the Circular Economy?


EPA research Mainstreaming Circular Economies Through Collaboration & Co-creation

The current EPA funded MainCirc project supports the mainstreaming of circular business models in Ireland. Collaborating with an industrial partner, this multi-disciplinary research will explore circular business models (CBMs) that will accelerate circularity in Ireland.

These models are being developed and tested within the ICT sector. The project will quantify impacts and deliver policy and transferrable knowledge.


Our Projects


This report provides a range of recommendations aimed at supporting preparation for re-use of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) that will support the extension and development of this activity in Ireland.

Re-use - Re-use of waste electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE)


Information and communication technology (ICT) devices contain critical raw materials. The TriREUSE project aimed to provide an insight into possible reuse rates for WEEE collections that target consumer ICT products with reuse potential.

TriREUSE - Trialling the Preparation for Reuse of Consumer Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones


Reuse is considered as a potential building block towards achieving more sustainable consumption of electrical and electronic equipment, covering environmental, economic and social dimensions.

RE-Evaluate - Re-use of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Evaluation and Mainstreaming)